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  • Here’s to the tiniest #Bluetooth Headset on Planet!

    <a href=”https://www.tomoson.com?code=TOP33e86ce1fe7a064e89f57f6185d73805″ rel=”nofollow” style=”display: none;”></a> They say size does matter and for this little guy all it has is the size which shines. this week we got our hands on the smallest Bluetooth headset to use for calling and talking with lots and lots features as below   The size of the earpiece is literally tiny […]

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  • Be Merry with your camera this Christmas. #FotoPro has best to offer

    Honestly selfie sticks are a great invention, aren’t they? only if you have got the right one, though. with the concept of the selfies and selfie sticks lot of vendors are offering it for pennies and cents but we have received one amazing bundle of joy for this holiday season. Even with your beloved DSLR its […]

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  • Google Project Fi : Merry Xmas from Google with $20 and a funky phone service,Worked with iphone too.

    Let’s face it: Mobile phone carriers kind of suck, but Project Fi isn’t your average mobile phone carrier. That much was clear from the second We signed up for the service last fall. And now, after having personally used Fi for the better part of a year, we’re finding new ways it can make my life […]

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