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  • Be Merry with your camera this Christmas. #FotoPro has best to offer

    Honestly selfie sticks are a great invention, aren’t they? only if you have got the right one, though. with the concept of the selfies and selfie sticks lot of vendors are offering it for pennies and cents but we have received one amazing bundle of joy for this holiday season. Even with your beloved DSLR its […]

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  • This one can be best little #Christmas gift Ever! #Oittm #SmartLife

    How many times while getting down the stairs you are thinking about that curling iron or that straightener which you may or may not have left on.Well, probably this is the fight everyone goes through on a daily basis.But how it’s a problem if technology can’t solve it. They say necessity is the mother of invention, […]

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  • Want #QuickCharging USB hub and a great night stand for your #AppleWatch? #Oittm is here.

    This one is for all you traveling souls out there! just imagine you have to go to San Francisco for a meeting or Seattle for the conference and you are doing your gadget counts(oh come on! everyone loves to do that! don’t be shy).  Macbook check! your smartphone,check! your new and shiny Pixel C ,check! oh, […]

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  • A keyboard works under the sea! #ChinFai Bluetooth Keyboard

    You might already have noticed my exaggeration  in the title itself, claiming this piece of equipment the unsinkable. well, I am not writing this under the shower but yes I am in fact typing this with the new Bluetooth keyboard from chinfai. to start with this ,the size of this thing is just adorable ,it is like […]

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  • USB Type-C:Future of Charging ,a Google Engineer and #Larnn has solutions!


    After Traditional USB port became a history,USB Type-C is undoubtedly the future, thanks to its reversible design, super-fast speed and high power output. Apple and Google both bet big on the standard’s inevitable ubiquity by using it in the new MacBook and both Nexus phones( and now Pixel) . But it will take some time […]

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