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  1. This is such an amazing Polaroid camera.Your review about it is extremely fantastic and now I really wish to own this.I entered in your giveaway and desire to win.Love you

  2. jennifer corrado says: Reply

    Love that they brought back the polaroid! love having instant pictures!

  3. ALways loved Polaroid cameras. I’m glad to see them back to life! 🙂

  4. romina navarra says: Reply

    Partecipo, perche’ mi piacerebbe vincerla

  5. Andi says: Reply

    Such a cool product!
    #polaroid #thelatenightlogic #PRINTitFORWARD

  6. James Smith says: Reply

    I can’t get enough of Polaroid cameras! They’re so much fun and hope I can give this to my daughter to play with (after I’m done!)

  7. arun deo says: Reply

    love it to win it <3

  8. Vimesh Appadoo says: Reply

    The camera seems awesome 😀

  9. Dawn gordon says: Reply

    Great review ! Good to see an interest in the Polaroid still exists as a modern retro movement !

    Want one !

  10. Claudine Butac says: Reply

    I want to win

  11. Denice D says: Reply

    I like when ole skool makes a come back like vinyl records. Still nostalgic but also with new technology added. Thanks for the honest review.

  12. Maribel R says: Reply

    I like it bec I can see my pictures rightaway and its cute.

  13. Denice D. says: Reply

    Thank you for removing the hourly entry option. Even though it was a challenge I gladly excepted and tried to accomplish. Have a fantastic weekend.

  14. I miss having a Polaroid. I plan on taking surreal pictures with this camera with hand made filters to put in front of the lens.

  15. Polaroids are very cool cameras. I had one back in the day and these new ones coming out look like fun and I really want one!! Good job Polaroid!!

  16. Neriza says: Reply

    the original pioneer is back with an awesome instant camera! 🙂 The micro SD slot and Bluetooth features are what sets this beast apart from the others. It has this modern but nostalgic feel to it which is what i like about it 😀

  17. I like its cool design actually!

  18. layan says: Reply

    Love it!

  19. tehaa says: Reply

    Such a good product! I wish i can have this 🙂

  20. Lee says: Reply

    2 years I’m using my Minolta SRT 303B and it is the time to enter digital lomo-graphy xD

  21. I vove this product and many giveaway

  22. I want one! So nice

  23. Johnstone says: Reply

    I have never owned a digital camera before. If I get my hands on this, I will appreciate forever & I think its about time.

  24. antony gamal says: Reply

    Nice camera to have

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