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A keyboard works under the sea! #ChinFai Bluetooth Keyboard

You might already have noticed my exaggeration  in the title itself, claiming this piece of equipment the unsinkable. well, I am not writing this under the shower but yes I am in fact typing this with the new Bluetooth keyboard from chinfai.


to start with this ,the size of this thing is just adorable ,it is like 12 inches wide and 4 inches has a small circuit board on the left side which is visible from the crystal panel.


I was really impressed by this because few of the qualities I checked on the page was really impressive for such a small below

  • Waterproof and foldable Bluetooth keyboard: Waterproof and dustproof design, easy to clean and flexible. Could use in other specific industries. Portable and Bluetooth functions will make it more convenient when travel/work/study, is easy to fold and carry with the suitable size.
  • Universal for most of the tablet/ laptop/ phone with the Bluetooth function: the keyboard wireless fit for iPad mini/iPad mini 2/iPad mini 3/Apple iPad Air/iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus/Samsung tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 4/Amazon Fire HD and so on.
  • Mini wireless keyboard built-in lithium battery with USB cable recharge, the switch can save the battery energy. CHINFAI offers a 2-month replacement, 6-month warranty and provides best customer service.

well something works under water is really impressive I won’t try it though but yes sometimes you do have those rainy days where you don’t have a choice ,this can come really handy as well as the most amazing feature I found here is that it works with everything! (and literally Every damn thing!) whether it’s your old laptop whose key is stuck on “space” bar or you android or ios tab or mobile or your android TV which is a pain in the neck to type on(ASK ME!)

the connection part was easy with a small round button it enters into pairing mode and you need to enter the pairing code on the keyboard itself. it has a comprehensive manual which explains every scenario so that is cool.the keys are push up buttons so gives nice feel while typing.and I haven’t done the full battery test yet but it claims to have 360 mah battery with working time of 35 hours.



  • apparently, typing should be a smooth and comfortable process in order to make it fast. and I tried for like 30 mins but it was not syncing with my habits and keys are small and doesn’t snap so you have to really start using it in order to make it efficient.
  • the design is really sleek but I did not like the crystal circuit visible which gives the whole thing a cheap look altogether.
  • the keyboard charges with a micro USB cable with a USB 2.0 ,which mostly tablets doesn’t have  ( for which you will want to use this product particularly) so you will have to carry a charging block in order to use it outdoor.


The keyboard is waterproof and foldable. This is the way to go if you travel with an iPad or want a keyboard that is not bulky to stow and can be used with your smartphone or iPad and makes it really handy to have something on the go with such a high acceptance.I really loved this tiny thing.

If you like to buy this on with an additional discount you can contact me or buy it from Amazon from here.

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