Google Project Fi : Merry Xmas from Google with $20 and a funky phone service,Worked with iphone too.

Let’s face it: Mobile phone carriers kind of suck, but Project Fi isn’t your average mobile phone carrier.

That much was clear from the second We signed up for the service last fall. And now, after having personally used Fi for the better part of a year, we’re finding new ways it can make my life easier.

All the careers giving great deals and promised to cut the bills in half or may be offering free phones have their sneaky little ways to make a hole in your wallet,what if you can get all those networks in one single bundle and cutting all the crap with straight human support any time of the day and affordable rates? Sounds delicious right?


Project Fi, if you aren’t familiar, is Google’s experimental wireless service for its own Nexus/Pixel devices. It seamlessly switches your phone between a handful of networks — Sprint, T-Mobile, and as of recently, U.S. Cellular — to get you the best possible signal at any given time. It also taps into reliable public Wi-Fi networks (with its own layer of encryption in place.


From the get-go, Fi was refreshingly simple. Once you get your Project Fi SIM in the mail, all you do is pop the card into your phone, follow a few on-screen prompts, and then wait a few minutes while Google handles all the behind-the-scenes gobbledygook involved with porting your number and establishing your service. It’s a far cry from the root-canal-reminiscent way that process usually goes down.

  • What is unique about Project Fi’s network? Through new technology developed with our partners, Project Fi puts you on the best available network between Wi-Fi and three 4G LTE networks. This means you get access to more cell towers and 4G LTE in more places.
  • Data or No Data With data, you pay for what you use. Each gigabyte costs $10. Just $70 gets you voice, text and 5GB of data. The coolest part: Google credits any bandwidth you don’t use. No, really. If you pay for 3 gigs and use just 2.2, $8 goes back to you. Also, contracts are month-to-month–no long-term commitment here.
  • Travel life: Project Fi offers high-speed data in over 135+ countries and destinations for the same $10/GB you pay in the U.S. For a complete breakdown of specific countries please check our International Rates.
  • Group plans: Just like with individual plans, at the start of every month you’ll pay for Fi Basics and your data allowance. With Group Plans, each additional member will be charged $15 for Fi Basics. The plan owner will be charged $20. Data costs the same $10/GB with credits for what you don’t use.


  • the only point we have found up till now is the device support with nexus and pixel supporting this there the only handful of choice you have for using your next smartphone
  • If you are a data buff or not in public wifi area all the time then this will cost you more with the charges for data.

We have successfully tried project fi sim card in old iPhone 4s and it worked with data and voice I am sure the network switching part will not work as it did stick with only T-Mobile for the time we have used it.but you may give it a try with new iPhone 7 and see if it makes it.


After a few weeks, our verdict is in: Project Fi is a simple, cheap, reliable phone plan that I’m happy to be part of. I was already shopping for a new plan/carrier, and I knew I wanted a Nexus, which made the decision easier for me, but I’m so glad I did.

 FeaturesT-MobileProject Fi
Unlimited Talk+Text (US)$50$20
Data (2 GB)$0$20
International Pack$151 cent/min
International RoamingChargeFree
CoverageTmobileTmobile+Sprint+US celllular
Refund on DataNAPay per Use

before Fi (like everyone else)  I was paying 150$ (Tmobile) for me and my wife for just the phone service we wanted to use.

After Fi launched group plan so my wife got a nexus 5x(she was hating the fact but loving the phone now #techwife)  and with two of us pay just 75$ bucks a month which is really 50% half of what we were paying.

Google is being more than merry this month for project Fi subscribers with putting up new travel goodies machines at the airports to giving away 10$ google play credit with lots of holiday fun.

If you are already using the pixel or nexus device it is really a no brainer to use this service with Google is now offering 20$ as Bill credit for Referrals from this link.

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