CaseCrown: Sleek Wallet with Power Pack Charging!

In these digital times, it’s always important to be connected and that to all the time. and we live with the gadgets more than humans in number around us.

we were truly looking for something minimal and something productive which can easily complete my charging needs, as well as us, don’t have to put a heavy block of power bank in my pockets and look like a fool wherever we go.


we got this CaseCrown Slim power wallet just to check how it turns out in order to full fill my demands. and surprisingly it’s really nice, neat and minimal piece of equipment.


  • the battery inside can be taken out and the battery is like a mini HDD but very sleek in design and power packs 2500 mah power inside it which is pretty enough to get you out of trouble on a rainy day and power up at least one iPhone to the full charge.
  • the wallet design is very sleek (sleeker than my nexus 6p :P) and it has got 3 pockets to put your credit cards with one elastic band to put something which you can fit where
  • it can be charged with any regular micro USB charger so one thing less to carry around.


  •  I haven’t found anything deal-breaking here but I believe the pockets could have been more to entirely replace your wallet. this one is nice but doesn’t have that much space

#the Verdict

the concept was to turn your wallet into a power bank but CaseCrown is trying hide to turn a power bank into a wallet and I would say they are successful with this one up to 90 %

NOTE: this is our independent unbiased review and NO ONE has paid or given any kind of free promotion for reviewing this.

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