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Classy PowerStrip to Power your life #NTONPOWER

Organizing your desk is a heavy affair. and getting perfect accessories for it is more than that.with a lot of devices to be powered all the time, your traditional wall sockets may leave the game before you start. NTONPOWER has sent us their amazingly classy table power strip for reviewing and so far we are in love with it.

the power strip comes in a nice package with white color and has 3 power outlets with 3 USB port right into it.the material NTONpOWER team has used looks like an industry grade product from the first glance.

Setup is quite easy and makes your desk or table really unclustered in many ways, you has a real nice slot for putting your tab or your phone and use it as deck while charging.

  • Maximum 2.4A fast charging speed for each port, 3A in total with stable USB output. Compact item size: 10.5 x 4.8 x 2.1 inches
  • 2 in1 power strip with phone/tablet stand that keep your smart phone charged when you are having a video call with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Sweet call that never ends
  • Get rid of the big mess cables behind your TV and manage to plug in 3+3 devices that need to be charged on this sleek power strip. A lot better then using 2 or 3 extension cords

They do recommend to unplug it when it’s not in use. They also recommend that you only plug it into a wall outlet, not a power strip cord.

the only thing we found inconvenient is the thickness of the cable it is really hard to keep it straight with that much thickness of the cable, so they have something to think about in the design department. but overall this one makes your desk look clean and classy so we do recommend getting it.

you can buy this from amazon for $ 15.25 or from NTONPOWER website itself. they also have other cool power products to satisfy your power needs.


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