Ehoom Smart Juicer Giveaway by The LateNightLogic

Ehoom Juicer Giveaway

Having nice accessories adds an edge to your fitness routine and the most important place is given to your sipper.Ehoomunderstands that for us and has come out with a unique design which can be your instant blender on-the-go.

  • EHOOM Shake Juicer Cup has a compact and lightweight design that allows for easy carrying around. It ensures a healthy lifestyle and that you will benefit from freshly made refreshments wherever you are.
  • All parts of EHOOM Shake Juicer Cup fit together well and are made from food grade materials(FDA Certified) to ensure they do not react with foods. 
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries that eliminate need to plug into a power source. The batteries are easily charged through a provided USB cable using a power bank or your PC.
  • Depending on the multi-functional design, it will not only make juice but smoothies, shakes and baby foods too. Please shake it when it is in use.
  • With the upgraded motor & blade and the 550ml larger capacity, EHOOM Shake Juicer Cup can do a better performance with all the ingredients compared with others. The leak-proof and intelligent temperature control system will ensure safer use experiences.

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EHoom Smart Juicer Giveaway by The LateNightLogic



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