Jackery Power Bank Review : Dont let your phone hurt your pocket!

Jackery Makes an experienced impression for their products with better performance and great prices.

Jackery Power Bank Review:

With a lot of new technologies introduced in the consumer devices area the charging need and charging speed has exponentially rocketed since past few years.there are a plethora of devices and power banks which made the charging an untiring process and gave used the freedom to roam around and charge everything on the go.

We were testing few of our favorite power bank brands since last few weeks and Jackery emerged as an underdog in the sense of performance, price, and usability.We might not have noticed but the company has been a global leading power solutions supplier with 15 years manufacturer experiences.

In the design and look the jackery products are really neat and designed in the best possible way to make the product look more suitable for everyone.

The power bank is loaded with two outputs one being a smart fit charge which can output 2.4 A for normal mobile devices and the other one being Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 for higher and premium mobiles like your iPhone and galaxy s7 series.

Let’s talk about the capacity and performance which is being offered for this 20$ bucks 10500 mah Battery pack. Which claims that with Jackery Thunder you can charge your phone up to 80% in less than 35 minutes.also, you save 1/2 charging time than other chargers. It is Compatible with all Qualcomm QC devices.

We had a chance to chat with the Lead marketing official from the company and on asking about the device charging capacity.she was quite impressed with what jackery thunder can do on a full charging cycle. They said that it can Fully Charge iPhone 7 about 3 times, iPhone 7 Plus about 2 times, Galaxy S7 Edge about 1.5 times, and iPad Air 1 times.

Jackery power bank is equipped with Provide 9 layer’s protection along with original Panasonic battery cells which you won’t find in other cheap power banks. also, the company provides extended 18-Months Warranty; 30-Days Money Back Policy; 24Hrs Friendly Customer Service.

With all being said many jackery products we found cut on their site, were quite impressive.Still, there is a lack of USB type-c products which holds the key to the future as all new smartphones including iPhone, pixel and Galaxy s8 are moving on USB Type-C with rapid charging.

Jackery is the last power bank you will need if you are looking for that durable,can-take-anywhere power bank.

Also, they are running a Deal right now that if you want to order  Jackery Thunder QC3.0 10050mAh Portable Charger you can get it from here in just 14$ with Free Shipping with coupon code: XI4BK3RW

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