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Project Fi Issues : Codes for Switching to Best Mobile Network Manually.

Project Fi hidden codes to help you resolve the issue with current network

project fi dialer codes

After being launched for almost 2 years now, Project Fi had slowly made its space in the US cellular market.

Although it’s a smooth service and switches to the best carrier available for your device time to time along with WiFi when no network is available. we have noticed that sometimes it fails to switch when the network range is not so strong for Tmobile or Sprint.

After using it for a while we were able to crack down below dialer codes. for manually repairing the fi services or switching to the best available network for your place.

You can just enter them in your phone dialer and check if they do the magic for you too.

  • Force jump to Sprint network:
    Code: *#*#34777#*#*
    34777 = FI SPR
  • Force jump to T-Mobile network:

    34866 = FI TMO

  • Force jump to the next carrier:

    346398 = FI NEXT

  • Force jump to the US Cellular:

    34872 = FI USC

  • Re-enable automatic carrier switching ( if you have used one of the above):
    342886 = FI AUTO
  • Attempt to perform an automated “repair”: Code:*#*#34963#*#*
  • Get information about the current network: Code:*#*#344636#*#*
 Let us know if any of this actually works for you in the comments section


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