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Q-Band Fitness Tracker Review : Best All-in-One band with Heart Rate Monitor

Q-Band Fitness Tracker Review

A Smart Wristband who does it all for your fitness goals in 2017.

Q-Band Fitness Tracker Review:

in past 2 years fitness has taken a huge jog. From being last on the list of resolutions to the first of your daily list, running, jogging and tracking it has become almost a daily habit for everyone. Are you still wondering you are on the track for your 2017 resolution? then do not worry we all are in the same boat.

QB and wanted us to try their slim, army style band with almost all the features you need in a regular activity tracker. we were first not convinced seeing the price $59 and a cheap build of the tracker but after a while, e are getting a hit from it.

  • Design

    Let’s just say design wise it doesn’t impress so much, it looks like a simple band we wear with our daily clothes and doesn’t make a style statement like other trackers in the market (Fitbit). but as their amazon page says this exercise band is built to serve even during vigorous activities. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, sweat, rain and splash proof, your Q-band is guaranteed to stay by your side for a lifetime.

  • Features

  • Heart Rate Monitor: this was the main thing attracted us with this band, and it does justice to the product with accurate heart rate tracking, although with heavy activity it sometimes baffles up.
  • Connection:  Bluetooth connectivity ensures all of your devices are connected without extra effort and hassle. Using its intuitive health app on both iOS and Android, you’ll be able to review day-by-day progress, centrally view all activity and share all your data across devices, as well as sync to Apple Health or Google Fit.which is a big plus.
  • Personal Assistant: you can create your own personal fitness diary or you can track steps, calories, and sleep which helps you to keep a full analysis of your everyday progress.
    • With the sleeping tracking function, you’ll have a detailed report of your deep sleep, light sleep, REM and awake time.
    • you can also track your walking and running paths with the mobile app-based GPS tracker. Optimize your workout schedule, have your health status and detailed charts with you anytime,
  • Connects to Phone: this will act as a bridge between your phone and you and for some time can act as a smart watch, it will alert you for call messages or your social media notifications can also be configured which sounds really exciting.

After using it for one week we really approve almost all functions of this army-styled-band. it might be little small on looks but it really has bang for the bucks in value and function.

If you want to buy this amazon all-in-one activity band you can goto their amazon link here.

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