Q-SWAP Power Bank Review : You won’t need another powerbank after this!

The Last Portable Charger You’ll Ever Need, based on Q-Swap technology.

Q-SWAP Power Bank Review: Power banks these days are most integral part of one’s life. the fear of your phone or device dying on you, while you are on the run has become fierce. There are plenty of good bad and better options in the market for the most needed power banks.This week we are reviewing the Q-Swap power bank we have got from QQC.


From the moment we lay eyes on this device we can see amazing quality and input in design decisions. Starting from the packaging till the daily use the Q-Swap Power bank provides amazing material design and ease-of-use. It weighs 145g / 5.1 oz in total, meaning it’s as small and light as a deck of cards, making it easy to carry in purses, pockets, or briefcases. (You won’t even notice it’s there.) the best part is the shape of the case is designed in the way that it protects the cord from bending and breaking and it makes the power bank and easy to carry around.

An Image of what was included in the Q-Swap Power Bank pack.

Usage & Capacity

The Q-Swap power bank, as the name suggests, designed to be swapped in an out of the Swap Case which charges your devices hence there are two separate 5200 mah batteries are given(the all new iphone7P features 2900mah battery). which you can use by swapping into the main socket.t. In addition, each power battery includes a one-touch power display that shows how much battery is left on the power bank via advanced Q Swap tech, which is an innovative addition to the product.

The batteries are not some cheap regular batteries, it features Panasonic battery cells which make it usable for a lifetime.

Other features include:

  • Fast and quick access to power.
  • 5200 mAh power supply x 2. Providing double the power capacity (total of 10400 mAh)
  • Very light weight and compact size.
  • Instant swap between power banks.
  • USB cable protection
  • Safe and secure design

After a week of use, we really liked this power bank and it went on our favorites list. but few of cons we have found includes that its output is not par compared to current fast charging standard as it provides an output of 2.1 A compared to current 3.0+ devices.which could have been a perfect feature along with all other advantages.(food for thought! QQC)

All in all, this is really a great product and you can buy it online from their website or amazon.


Let us know all about your power banks and why do you like/dislike them in the comments section.

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