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Polaroid SnapTouch Review : Make Your moments Live! Forever! Instantly!

Polaroid SnapTouch Review:

Years ago the only fascinating piece of technology we had was a camera (size of a lunch box) which spits out the photos instantly on clicks rather than getting them developed and take weeks in the crappy dark studios. #polaroid cameras were like a magic for a magic.but with the latest DSLRs and cheaply available photo pieces of equipment they evaporated quicker than expected because of their bulky designs and low picture quality may be.

We were looking to explore this kind from a long time and this time the biggest brands of all Polaroid came to the rescue and awarded us with the opportunity to try out their latest design for the loved-by-all polaroid cameras.

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Polaroid SnapTouch is the state of the art and very well designed camera which generates perfect digital output on the 2 x 3 Zink papers .the design is so much impressive that you will like it in a snap! here we will review some of its best aspects and features along the way

The camera works by using a built-in ZINK printer. ZINK paper has ink crystals embedded inside, which are activated by heat. That means you can print a photo by only reloading the paper, no ink necessary. That allows Polaroid to take a digital photograph and spit out an instant print while still making the camera compact.

# Design

the perfectly crafted Snap camera gets full marks on the design aspects with very easy to operate with an almost perfect 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen, features without making it hard and confusing on the features only a single snap button the build along with a flashlight which also acts as a power on button, and  a slot to accept Micro SD card(up to 128 GB) the body is available in different colors to make it funkier than it already is.

# Features


  • ZINK® Zero Ink technology for instantly printing photos – comes with a pack of 10 sheets with the camera.
  • 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen – very intuitive and less confusing
  • 3 color modes – black & white, color, & vintage sepia
  • Option to print with the Polaroid Classic Border Logo
  • 13mp CMOS sensor
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Self-timer & selfie mirror –get yourself, and the group, in the shot
  • 1080p full HD video recording capability

# Click & Share

the SnapTouch allows us to share the pictures and videos with the Bluetooth as well as with the memory card option.the operation is pretty straightforward with a pack of 10 sheets which you put by opening the touch screen slot (there are few important steps which we will cover in our youtube video review) and then focus the subject on taking the perfect picture and just print so that it goes on your wall.

It comes preloaded with the frames and stickers which you can use to make your moments fancy.there are few integrated printer features which we noticed

  • Snap, print, share — no computer connections needed
  • Image prints automatically after captured
  • 2×3” full-color prints using Zink® Zero Ink® Printing Technology
  • No Ink. No Hassles.™ — no ink cartridges or ribbons to throw away
  • New PhotoBooth mode to get your crazy expression perfectly.

Built-in Bluetooth and a Polaroid app allow users to share electronically without a computer as well.



SnapTouch being a very handy and happy camera works really well on the promised features, however, fall short on some details like the picture quality and the light sensor. if the context is just about clicking your moment and having them instantly to physical form, this is the one for the job but we are not expecting that you can win a photography competition with this one for sure. All, in All with this happy camera you will really enjoy that next vacation you have in the plans.

You can buy the SnapTouch from amazon from here.

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