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Zinsoko Lightning Earphones Review-A great news to Apple iphone 7 lovers!

Zinsoko L01 Lightning Earphones Review

Note: Zinsoko has provided the unit for review and it is just our  unbiased view on the product ,we are not being offered any benefits or not promoting it in anyways.

Apple started a new era with their new iPhone 7 last year, removing the 3.5 audio jack was one of the hardest decision they took and it has been in the limelight since the launch of the iPhone. while it was a major design change, there is still a class of iPhone fans who were left hanging with this change.

there might be many reasons why apple has removed the jack but everyone was loving the simplicity the audio jack brings to any music device. in the aftermath, many providers started working on new designs to solve this problem for millions of apple users.

Recently we came across this amazing zinsoko headphone which reduced this problem nearly to zero, with their quality and clarity of the audio we wanted to bring this review to you so you can enjoy these headphones with your new iPhone 7 without a doubt.

Zinsoko really makes an impression with their delicate designa and ceramic finish of the headphones.Each ear cup is made of ceramic material to prevent from scratching and allergy; and the golden coated finish adds the sense of polish. This unit features an inline controller and a separate microphone; so you can easily access to the buttons for tracking or volume, and to make phone calls.

With a MFi certification authorized by Apple Inc. and an 8-pin lightning connector, you can easily use the earphone with all Apple products including your iPhones, iPads, iPods and more devices. sound wise, It features a 25W power amplifier, powerful bass and built-in direct DAC for a lossless transmission and Hi-Fi level listening; ceramic ear cups provide higher quality stereo sound and prevent the headphone from scratch and allergy

It was really a bliss in disguise for the iphone user who were left with no choice  but to buy the Airpods(who uses that?huh?) or go with some cheap bluetooth options.zinsoko really makes it marks with it designs and half the price.

you can buy zinsoko L01 headphones from amazon.

Please let us know about your solution to the iphone audio jack change in comments below.


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