Square Cash App Review : Make your Wallet Digital!

Square Cash app review

There are a plethora of apps in the google store for daily finance for users. with all our smartphones and tablets are turning into digital wallets, here we are reviewing one more of a kind app for the same purpose but few new styles and techniques.

The cash app from the Square, Inc does everything you could have done with all other personal finance app but it does it better and it does it in a simpler form. so technically speaking it’s just like cash but better!

Square Cash app review

Features & Use:

The installation and setup part is really easy if you have even a low-level experience with smart apps (which we all do! come on!). the profile setup works with your debit card or Bank account ( not a Credit Card! mind it!). you just have to add your name as per your card or account and your phone number to create an account in the Cash App.

the second part is to set your cash tag. $Cashtags are nothing but unique identifier just like your handle for people to send you money. like they have for Wikipedia https://cash.me/$Wikipedia. so you just need to set something as a cash tag and then you are free to forward it to anyone who wants to send you money from their cash apps. The App acts as a cash wallet for you so your money will be shown as account balance unless you want to withdraw it.

For Withdrawal they have two options based on the speed you want your money. you can select instant deposit to bank account for which they charge 1% fee. or if you are not in hurry you can select 1-3 days options . we have tried this option and in most cases we have got the money very next day,so recommending that.

Also with My cash wallet you get option Virtual Visa card option which you can use it for online transactions with the balance of the cash app. so you have got your self a virtual debit card.

As far as security is concerned Square Cash has taken care of various parts like following

Square Cash app review


We have tried using this app from past 4 weeks now and to our surprise its really easy and simple than other ones in market. also unlike paypal, you dont have to wait for your funds to reach to you.and there are no extra fees which you are being charged on personal account. overall the app performs great on our android devices and it may be still lacking fancy features but certainly for simple cash transactions for your small business or gigs you can definitely trust on Square Cash.

As our App Reward Square cash is offering $10 reward,if you send more than 50$ in your first 14 days of using the app.

You can download and enter our referral reward code to get your $10 reward.


Download Square Cash for Android

Reward Code: JTVNTBD

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