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Thinking Sports & Music ? Think Cambond! Bluetooth 4.1 headphones for Running #ProductReview

The music industry has really taken giant leaps in recent years in terms of music accessories.Gone are the days to carry your sony walkman around with low-quality earbuds and try to go for a walk. the Bluetooth Speakers and headphone industry are testing new limits with all the new products in the market.

you can really take deep dive in the water with the new waterproof Bluetooth cubes and still come up as nothing is wrong. This week I got a same kind of set to review , new Bluetooth 4.1 headphones from cambond

Starting right off with the unit surprisingly it has lots of stuff in the small muffin size package the kits along with the main headphones contains 3 pairs of earbuds to suit your perfect style, a USB connector to charge the earpiece,a Health monitor card to push your running limits and Instruction manual with the small size case which is really handy to keep all the things in it.

Product Description(Amazon)

  • Latest Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 Wireless Technology; Strong signal and distance up to 10 meters, just enjoy your stutter-free music; Cambond Bluetooth Headsets Support iPhone, tablets, laptops, Android IOS smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices
  • The Flexible Earhook Headphones and IPX4 Sweatproof Sport Bluetooth Headphones; The adjustable earhook will snugly fit well and stable on your ears; No worry about sweat profusely; Take it when you doing sports, exercise, yoga, housework, going to gym, running, cycling, hiking, jogging, walking, reading and relaxing
  • APT-X Audio Decode Technology and CVC 6.0 (Chip: CSR8645) Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones / Noise Reduction; Hi-Fi Stereo crystal crisp and gently bass-boosted Sound; You are able to hear a high quality and clear sound even in noisy environment (Kindly remind, you may need to choose the suitable size of ear buds and put them into your ears tightly, so that you can hear the bass more clearly)
  • Bluetooth Headphones Long Lasting Battery; 3.7V 55mAh*2 Powerful rechargeable lithium battery can keep longer battery life; You may only Charge 3 Hours and you can play Bluetooth earbuds about 10 Hours on Mid volume
  • Wireless headphones with Mic; The Built-in HD Microphone transmits your voice the largest quality; Enable to have 2 answering calls reminding and listening to music with 2 connected devices


  • Everything is ok if any earbuds are really like your buddies, they  should fit perfectly ,shouldn’t give you extra troubles ,shouldn’t be a pain in the neck.and this one does all of it I tend to compared it with my own Mpow Cheetah 4.1 Sports  which also gets full marks in all segments
  • compared to my mpow in terms of design this one has an extra console which really works controller for all the things you want from a Bluetooth earphones you can actually call the last caller ,swap the calls if you are in conference mode along with the regular functions of Next,Previous, and Pause functionality.
  • In terms of output Cambond also has APT-X technology along with 2.0 Stereo sound and ,CVC 6.0 noise cancellations which produce a crystal clear sound in any conditions
  • In the first look , making it fit on my ears seemed stressful but once I followed the perfect style I never felt like I had something on,it was really feathered touch headphones if I say so, and the clip is moulded in order to suit your particular ear size.
  • The price factor comes into play for this one, I believe this one is cheapest with high-quality features which I have found on amazon up till now.
  • Everything seemed alright until I made a little distance, cambond claims availability till 8-10M but i really doubt it. i was working fine until around 5 meters may be.
  • I wasn’t expecting the sound quality as BOSE, but compare to mpow i will really rate this one low as with the full volume on phone and the headphones the sound was really kind of chaos and the BASS effect was losing its touch
  • I had little connectivity issues while brisk walking or running and the voice was loosing in between steps ,this may get in to way of your intense workout.
  • once you wear the headphones the controller is really near to your right ear and not in your vision(i get that because it is sports gear) but sometimes it’s hard to control the switches if you don’t see them easily.



Cambond has really nice offerings in the mobile accessories industry  and they are fairly new, they have got everything right in terms of product quality and design but that’s not what you get the headphones for,you get it make your work out more powerfull and unfortunately that’s where Cambond is lacking as of now.there are lots of room for improvement in this one and I will rate it Average just because of its median price compared to other products with the same features.

If you want to try these headphones you can buy it from here from Amazon.

NOTE: I have got the product free from the comapny  for tech review and this review is my personal unbiased view ,it is not a promotional effort for the product or the company.

pictures courtesy : Cambond Amazon page

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