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This little keyboard is a bliss for everything you use! #LART #AmazonReview

There are good keyboards and then there are some great keyboards, there is one for each device you use but this is totally opposite,this one is actually one for every device you will use. it works with your MacBook ,it works with your tablet and best of all it even works with Android TV.

I had a chance to do a full review  using the keyboard for a range of devices including my Sony Bravia Android Tv,Lenovo Tab 2 and my Ipad Air, Keyboard comes with a small Bluetooth USB interface ,just like a Bluetooth mouse.Which makes it easier use with all the USB-compliant devices.

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Power wise,there are 2 modes in which we can use the device, it can run on an AAA battery, the inbuilt Lithium iron  battery which works pretty well and long with the use i had.the keyboard has pretty neat features along with following amazing configuration.

  • Full QWERTY keyboard, With 7 one-touch hot keys and 24 function keys gives you optimal control over your computer.
  • Handheld design, Makes typing without a desk surface easy.
  • Integrated touchpad, With 2 mouse buttons and scrolling for simple operation without a mouse.
  • LED power indicator, Notifies you when the keyboard is low on battery power.
  • Up to 33′ wireless range, Lets you type from across a room. PC and Linux compatible, For use with your existing computer.


the keyboard features a small touchpad with scrolling feature which makes a pointer on the TV as well any device we connect the keyboard too and the best thing I have found is the nifty size of it which is perfect for your hands and makes it really nice to use it with any device.

I have tasted using it for a longer time on many devices but the best use I could make of this was my Bravia(Android Tv) as it lacks the keyboard support and there are many occasions where you actually need one,because typing with your tv remote on TV browser or Kodi(xbmc) is really not an easy job.

I am still in process to try this with my Raspberry Pi3 and will check out the compatibility with the IOT world.but its power packed performance with a perfect size and compatibility with almost all OS and the device makes this one a must have in your digital collection.

If you like the product you can buy it from amazon for just $14.99.


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