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This one can be best little #Christmas gift Ever! #Oittm #SmartLife

How many times while getting down the stairs you are thinking about that curling iron or that straightener which you may or may not have left on.Well, probably this is the fight everyone goes through on a daily basis.But how it’s a problem if technology can’t solve it. They say necessity is the mother of invention, Christmas well today this one makes it true.

Before a Week Oittm sent us this pretty little liar in order to review Christmas product line.



with the new wave of the internet of things many companies have started creating a smart solution for your home but sometimes it takes a heavy toll on your pocket just to simply switch off the room lights.but it should not be exactly the same every time right? We tried this adapter just in time for Christmas and this is what we found.

some of the best features we can list here

  • Remote Control: control your home appliances from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone with the Mini Smart Plug
  • Timing Switch: Support Max 30 Timing Task. More timing function for your convenient, have fun with your smart life. With the timing feature, the Smart Plug will automatically turn the light on and off to give the appearance that someone is home.
  • Easy installation: Connect your phone to the network and download a free APP, open it and pairing with your phone. Easy handling and can be activated immediately and stable.
  • Overload protection: keep your devices safe and longer live, never worry about over charged.

Setup and Working:

the adapter is pretty much the same old regular style but it has a magic power switch on the side.after attaching to your power socket just turn on the power button, open the joho app from your smartphone. Register yourself with the mobile number and everything and you are good to go, once you follow steps the device will create a new network for your mobile and your smart adapter.

The best use we have found for this around this time of the year is to just hook your Christmas display lights outside,open the app put the timers from 6 Pm to 2 AM and you are good to go,your Christmas lights will be auto turned on and off every day without you have to wake up or got chilled in the middle of the night.

You can buy this tiny little smart adapter from amazon or you can ask us for a pretty good discount.



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