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Urbanite S10 Backpack Review : the Best urban backpack in town!

Urbanite S10 Backpack Review

Urbanite S10 Makes : The Perfect City Laptop Backpack by So CHI O

Urbanite S10 Backpack Review: This week we are reviewing the on of the coolest backpack in the market the Urbanite s10 by so.chi-o. Having the perfect backpack for your professional or personal life is always a bliss. but finding the perfect one is almost as difficult as finding a match.

We got our hands onto the urbanite S10 backpack and in an instant, we realized this is the one. for your all and every need, the urbanite s10 has an answer. and that is why it is rated as the best city backpack.


All current day backpacks come with a lot of straps and claims to take away a lot of problems but the urbanite is designed in a way that it stays very minimalistic. It takes all your hassle away by the minimalistic and simple design layout.You won’t find any confusing straps or pockets that small that you will not figure what could you put there.

It is very very light weight and it is the perfect urban backpack – Lightweight yet durable. it also splashes and water-resistant, so now you can go to that spring break without a ny issue.

The best feature we found about the urbanite s10 is its Anti-theft features. Every access point on the bag is kept out-of-sight to prevent theft – from the covered main zipper to the well-hidden external pockets. The Urbanite S10 looks like a bag without openings.

Urbanite S10 Backpack Review

Spacious with Neat Compartments

The Urbanite S10 comes with individual padded sleeves for your laptop and tablet held in place by an adjustable Velcro strap. The rest of the backpack is spacious and well compartmentalized so your belongings stay neat and easily accessible.

Durable and Water Resistant

The bag is made from scratch-resistant oxford fabric, it is highly durable and will continue to look like new for a long time. This same material is also water-resistant so you can simply wipe away any water from its surface. A rain cover is also provided for additional waterproofing during a heavy downpour to ensure your belongings remain dry.

You can get this perfect city backpack from amazon for just 35$ and it is available in two great colors: Black and Silver Gray.

Please click the link below to buy it.

Urbanite S10 Backpack Review

Let us know if you have any favorite backpack other than urbanite s10 and your views on this urban backpack.

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