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Want #QuickCharging USB hub and a great night stand for your #AppleWatch? #Oittm is here.

This one is for all you traveling souls out there! just imagine you have to go to San Francisco for a meeting or Seattle for the conference and you are doing your gadget counts(oh come on! everyone loves to do that! don’t be shy).  Macbook check! your smartphone,check! your new and shiny Pixel C ,check! oh, you almost forgot your Apple Watch, check! but one more thing you forgot here, the heck of the wires and adapters and charging cable that comes with it.

yes, isn’t that a pain you have to bear to use all these amazing pieces of technology. I was facing the same situation with my nexus 6p and 5x plus my Lenovo tab 2 until Oittm decided to send me this USB Hub for the review.


the product came in a square box with a premium feel from the first step.  the USB hub is really small in dimensions 3.55 x 3.55 x 2.8 inches compared to other competitors in this category. and that makes it a beauty. it is not USB powered,it has power cord like a regular appliance in your home  and it has 4 port output.Few of the best features i have tested is right here.

  • [4 Ports Mutilfutional Charger Dock] One inside USB port for the Apple Watch and three outside USB ports for other devices, supporting charging of all Apple Watch models & three USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices simultaneously (iPhone SE, iPad Pro, Samsung S7/Edge included).
  • [Cable Storable] The inside space not only holds the apple watch charging cord, but also stores other little gadgets like USB adapters, card readers, etc., helping you to coil the watch charging cable in a neat appearance without kinking the cable while charging, making your nightstand neat and manageable. Made of premium Aluminum.
  • [Smart IQ Charging Technology] Power IQ and Voltage Boost combine to charge up to 5V/2.4A Max per port for a total of 6 Amps, each port can automatically detects your device, allowing you to charge your Apple Watch and iPad, iPhone, Bose Radio or any other devices at the same time without any delay.
  • [Nightstand Mode] The stylish flat deck design allows the nightstand mode for your apple watch while charging with the Oittm Charger Dock. You can take full advantage of your iWatch even when it is charging.
  • It will fit to any bag you have with all your cords can be stored inside the charger so you will never need to worry about hanging wires out of bags any more.


  • to start with you will always need a power outlet to use this(it makes sense as it has to output charger to 4 devices at a time,No USB powered device can do that)
  • the design is very sturdy and nice it just could have more storage inside the charger( Being Greedy here!)

All in all, I have found this product very useful and it has real nice material feel as well as it will go to all your desk needs. with 1 port being QuickCharge it will really speed up things in terms of charging needs.I have personally tested the power outputs and it was really satisfying so there are no worries regarding the safety of your high-end delicate devices. the power is on a valid mark and with the output voltage controlled it takes really less time to get your devices charged.

I would really give a go to this little Hub instead of buying 4 different wall charger from the branded companies.

You can buy this amazing USB hub and nightstand from amazon by clicking here or you can ask for a discount code in comments or on any of our social media accounts.

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